Online Projects

Share To Slack

Share to Slack was the first project I worked on and was inspired by a conversation between two of my good friends on Twitter.

In its essence, STS is a lightweight Google Chrome extension that allows users to quickly and easily share websites they're browsing with various members of their Slack org, without needing to navigate to the Slack app.

It is primarily an HTML and Javascript application, with some super-light PHP to help with authentication. It interfaces directly with the Slack API and uses some handy Chrome features, including Chrome Sync which allows you to authenticate once, and use the application on any Chrome browser you may be logged into.

Online Projects

Music Digest

The Music Digest is a Slack "Slash Command" that allows users to quickly generate a Spotify playlist of music shared within a particular channel over the past week. It is primarily a PHP application, with MySQL the underlying database, interacting with both Slack and Spotify APIs.

Upon execution, the Music Digest app paginates through 7 days worth of conversations within the calling channel, using regex expressions to identify any links to Spotify songs, either via URL or URI shares.

The application reduces this the 100 most recently shared songs (larger playlist support coming soon), creates a new playlist on Spotify, and adds the songs to it.

The curated playlist is then returned to the Slack channel for all to enjoy. If you'd like to try it out, feel free to install the application here! Add to Slack